Hosting a workshop is a fantastic way to learn A LOT in a short amount of time, and for free!  Most workshop locations have 2 separate workshops, 2 days each.  Therefore the host gets to attend 4 days of workshops.  To be a host, there are requirements and also an application.  If you meet the following requirements, please proceed to fill out the application.


  • Recruit 3 newborn models for each workshop day, models must be under 12 days old  // parents will get the images for FREE directly from me, and must fill out a Born Archival Co. model release.  You are welcome to sell parents print products from my edited files.
  • Sign a non-compete stating you will not be teaching studio light newborn workshops in the next 3 years.
  • Assist in recruiting attendees: promote workshops on your social media pages and on any local/national photographer groups you may belong to.
  • Assist me in behind the scenes video and photographing.
  • Arrange a light breakfast (bread, fruit, etc), lunch (sandwiches or similar) , dinner out or order in (reservations) and snacks/refreshments for attendees and also have snacks and refreshments for parents.  I will cover the cost.
  • Provide names of nearby hotels for attendees.
  • Translate, if needed.
  • Provide Wi-Fi.
  • If near a scenic area, arrange 1 evening (sunset) outdoor shoot with mom and her newborn at a scenic location the day after or before the workshops. This shoot will only be for the host and myself.
  • Provide a large computer/tv screen for the editing and business presentation portion of the workshops. 
  • Hosts must have a studio equipped to hold 8-12 attendees, and the natural light window must be surrounded by dark walls on 2 sides, or be able to be covered with dark fabric/paper/v-flats on sides.  All other windows must be able to be covered.  Further studio requirements:
    • Beanbag and beanbag stand that can be adjusted (I may ask you to remove beans from your beanbag)
    • Underblankets for beanbag that are smooth (such as chenille)
    • Light stand that lowers a 64" modifier close to the ground 
    • Paul C. Buff transmitter for Einstein 640 for your camera
    • At least 3 props 
    • Provide diapers (at least package of 54) and wipes
    • 10 cloth diapers, washed
    • Portable heater without automatic shut off
    • white noise machine 

If you can fulfill all the above requirements, please fill out the host application form and also submit by email to the following images:

  • Studio space, including shooting area, parent area, all props, blankets, and also the entrance and restroom.
  • Beanbag setup, light stand, backdrops (paper or wall), floor boards, natural light window.
  • Exterior view of the studio.





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I agree that I am able to fulfill to all the requirements listed on this page, and to provide all required images by email.
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