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May    Edinburgh, Scotland

June    Provence, France


Just Born Workshops teach any level of photographer how to properly light and edit newborn sessions with a strong emphasis on posing and retouching. You will learn primarily studio light (natural light will depend on the studio and the available light each workshop day) to complement your current and future needs and to set you on a fast path toward mastering your craft.   Topics covered will include:

Sessions: We will cover session preparation, flow, posing, baby safety and trouble shooting during stressful sessions.  Also demonstrated will be numerous wrapping styles, transitions and setting up the beanbag/props.

Photoshop workflow and editing: I will demonstrate exactly how I edit, what actions I use and the thought process behind editing each type of image (macro, beanbag, parent/sibling).  We will also discuss honing your personal style and how to edit to achieve your look.

Business:  Integral to this workshop is teaching the business side of newborn photography.  We will walk through branding, web & logo design, marketing, social media, client acquisition and retention and more.

Resources:  All attendees will receive a printed workshop guide that covers all the information discussed during our time together.  You will also go full set of posing and wrapping cards to keep with you during sessions and aid in practicing once home.  You will also have unlimited future access to email Natalie for critique, questions and advice.


Included with every workshop tuition:

  • A Just Born Workshops guide that reviews everything you learn at the workshop.

  • Posing Cards to help you in-session once you are home.

  • Access to private Facebook Group to meet other attendees and ask unlimited questions before and after the workshop.

Day 1

  • 9am - Breakfast (provided), introductions

  • 10am - First baby arrives: session set up, soothing, safety, posing flow, wrapping, macros, transitions  (all photographers will be able to take images of every set up)

  • 1pm - Lunch (provided)

  • 2pm - Second baby arrives: more posing, more macros, posing in props, parent set ups

  • 5pm - Questions, Editing introduction

Day 2

  • 9am - Breakfast (provided), questions from day 1

  • 10am - Third baby arrives: posing, wrapping, macros, transitions  

  • 1pm - Lunch (provided)

  • 2pm - Editing in depth

  • 4pm - Business and marketing with a strong emphasis on branding and social media.

  • 6pm - Outdoor mother & baby session at a beautiful location:

    Scotland - Shoot will be done at an ancient castle among gorgeous green rolling hills.

    Provence - Shoot will be in a quintessentially Provence Lavender field.


The Just Born workshop cost is listed on each specific workshop page.   Visit our shop page to see more details about locations.

Workshop refunds will be given only if your spot can be filled.  Workshops have limited space to maximize each photographer's learning.  Booking is first come first serve.  


To register for upcoming workshops visit the shop page. Please note attendees must not live within 300 miles of the zip code 53715 or to those who are currently teaching/mentoring.  Violators will be removed without refund.  Any questions about the workshop please contact


Interested in hosting a workshop?  All hosts must have a studio equipped to accommodate 8-12 attendees and be established enough to recruit 3 baby models per 2 day workshop.  Also required is to fill out a host application form to ensure you fulfill the qualifications to be a host.  Please visit the newborn workshop host page to see if you are a good candidate to host!

Please email with your information including studio location, possible workshop dates and your website.





Hosting a workshop is a fantastic way to learn A LOT in a short amount of time, and for free!  Most workshop locations have 2 separate workshops, 2 days each.  Therefore the host gets to attend 4 days of workshops.  To be a host, there are requirements and also an application.  If you meet the following requirements, please proceed to fill out the application.


  • Recruit 3 newborn models for each 2 day workshop, models must be under 12 days old // parents will get the images for FREE directly from me, and must fill out a Born Archival Co. model release. You are welcome to sell parents print products from my edited files.

  • Sign a non-compete stating you will not be teaching studio light newborn workshops in the next 3 years.

  • Assist in recruiting attendees: promote workshops on your social media pages and on any local/national photographer groups you may belong to.

  • Assist me in behind the scenes video and photographing.

  • Arrange a light breakfast (bread, fruit, etc), lunch (sandwiches or similar) , dinner out or order in (reservations) and snacks/refreshments for attendees and also have snacks and refreshments for parents. I will cover the cost.

  • Provide names of nearby hotels for attendees.

  • Translate, if needed.

  • Provide Wi-Fi.

  • Arrange 1 evening outdoor shoot with a mother and baby (newborn or under 1 year old).

  • Provide a large computer/tv screen for the editing and business presentation portion of the workshops.

  • Hosts must have a studio equipped to hold 8-12 attendees. For the natural light window we may need to cover the walls on each side with dark paper/fabric/v-flats to prevent light bounce into the shadows. All other windows must be able to be covered. Further studio requirements:

    • Beanbag and beanbag stand that can be adjusted (I may ask you to remove beans from your beanbag)

    • Underblankets for beanbag that are smooth (such as chenille)

    • Light stand that lowers a 64" modifier close to the ground

    • 3 props (basket, bowl, crate, etc)

    • Provide diapers (at least package of 54) and wipes

    • 10 cloth diapers, washed

    • Portable heater

    • white noise machine

If you can fulfill all the above requirements, please fill out the host application form and also submit by email to the following images:

  • Studio space, including shooting area, parent area, all props, blankets, and also the entrance and restroom.

  • Beanbag setup, light stand, backdrops (paper or wall), floor boards, natural light window.

  • Exterior view of the studio.





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