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When should I book? I encourage clients to book before the baby is due, so I can insure that your baby gets photographed within the 5-9 day period that I prefer to photograph babies.  Although I do pride myself on fitting everyone in, even those that are last minute.  No one has been turned away yet!

How old should the baby be?  I prefer to photograph newborn subjects right around 5-9 days old.  As the baby grows older he will become more aware of his surroundings and less likely to sleep soundly for the sweet poses you see on the site.

What time do newborn sessions usually take place? Newborn sessions are booked in the morning around 9-10 AM when babies tend to be most restful and less fussy.  If you can please keep the baby awake for 2 hours prior to the session, and also hold off on their feeding for 2 hours before arriving.  Once you arrive the baby will get a full feeding and have a long sleep period.

What to expect //  

Full Newborn sessions typically last 3-4 hours allowing for plenty of time for feeding and comforting. Since the baby is naked for the majority of the session, the studio is kept very warm. In the winter months I suggest that you dress in layers so that you don't get too hot. 

Mini newborn sessions last around an hour to an hour and a half.  Each mini session allows for two different set-ups on the beanbag only (no props). Due to time constraints, family and sibling pictures are not included. 

What to wear // If you are wanting to be included in the pictures and don't prefer the skin on skin with baby look (mom wrapped in fabric), make sure to bring several neutral tops to pick from. Colors that photograph well with a new baby include cream, grey and tan. Try and avoid any patterns as the focus should be on you and baby and not what you are wearing.

What to bring //  The studio is full of blankets, hats, wraps, headbands and props.  If you have a special item please mention it beforehand. Certain things to avoid would be items that are brightly colored, black or made with shiny materials as they tend to not photograph as well. Also avoid headbands with jewels, large flowers and bows as they take the focus away from the baby's face.

Tips //  Dress the baby in something that is easy to take off. If the baby takes a pacifier make sure to bring it. I have extra pacifiers and will use them if the baby is having a very hard time settling and seems to want to soothe by sucking.  Please keep in mind that the studio is a quiet environment during your new baby's session. It's best if you can bring along someone to take any young siblings after their part of the shoot is over.  Parent/sibling shots are done at the end or beginning of the shoot depending on the age/nap time of the siblings.


What age? My favorite age to photography babies at is right around when the baby is steadily sitting, but not yet crawling. This stage usually lasts anywhere from 6-8 months of age. At this age their personalities are really starting to blossom! They also have a longer attention span than a 4 month old and are generally very "smiley".

How long does the session last? Baby sessions usually last around 1-2 hours.

What time do baby sessions typically take place?  Babies tend to be happier and less tired in the morning hours. Baby sessions can be scheduled around 10-12am but is dependent on baby's nap time.

What to bring // Bring any of the baby's favorite toys. These can be used to get baby's attention and smiles going during the session. Also bring any favorite snacks. Sometimes the baby will just need a break and have a little snack during the session to recharge! 

What to wear // Babies photograph well naked,  but knit outfits are also provided for you to choose from.  If bringing your own clothes for baby avoid any large or heavy patterns. Neutral colors photograph beautifully with baby skin! If you would like to be included in the pictures as well make sure to bring several outfit options. Again, neutral colors such as cream, grey and brown always work really well. 


When to book?  The best time to photograph expectant mothers is right around 32-34 weeks. 

What time?  Maternity sessions are done in studio and the time is very flexible.

How long does the session take? Maternity sessions last about an hour.

What to wear //  I typically use sheer material to wrap expectant mothers in. I also have cardigans and a few dresses but feel free to bring along your own clothing as well. Take a moment to look through the maternity gallery here to see what past clients have worn to their session! 


The Born Archival Co. studio is located near downtown Madison.  The zoo, cafes and Monroe street are all within walkable distance if dad wants to take siblings while they wait for me to finish the rest of the newborn's session.


Upon request!


Your pictures will be fully edited and available to view and download online within three weeks after your session. 



Natalie Adams is a Madison area newborn photographer. She specializes in color and black and white photography of newborns and babies. For more information on how to book a session with Natalie please fill out the contact section! We look forward to hearing from you! All Images are © Natalie Adams